Memorial Day... in the 'Peg!

So since we are now just a 7 hour drive from where I grew up, we decided to spend Memorial Day in Winnipeg (or the 'Peg as we fondly call it). My older sister owns a dance studio, and they had their recital on the Saturday night. I haven't been to one of her previous recitals, so I was looking forward to seeing it, not to mention 3 of my nieces, my sister and my mothert dance! My sisters and I all took dance lessons when we were growing up, Jennifer just stuck with it the longest! So I had seen her dance before, and I had seen my nieces dance at one of their weekly classes awhile back... but I have never seen my mother dance. Not in a choreographed, wearing costumes sort of way. She did a good job, not sure she will be trying out for So You Think You Can Dance next year, but not bad for a year or two of dance lessons from her daughter! This is her in her classes opening number (I debated posting it, because she will probably kill me, but then I realized... I'm not so sure she will even read the blog, so here goes...)

My mother is the one in the center (not to the side)... oh if only you could see the pants to complete the outift... but I felt the hair was much more important!! They were doing a dance to Shake Your Groove Thing, so the outfits were fitting... but it still provided quite a laugh! Love you Mom!
Other than the recital we were able to visit with some friends, eat at Perkins... I now remember why we would never go there, had a BBQ with the family, Mark got to watch the Goldeyes (minor baseball team AA I think) from a "luxury" box with my Dad (thanks IBM!) and Mom I and got to shop!!
All in all, it was a fun weekend, a little bit of a drive, but who doesn't love a roadtrip? It's always good to go home for a visit, especially when you only get to see them maybe once a year! Does make you feel older than you are when your niece is 16, getting her drivers license in July AND has a boyfriend...16 is too young I say!! :o)

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