Books, books and more books

Books. We have a lot of books. We have a wide spectrum of books; from church books (LDS and other religions Bibles) to classics to textbooks to serial killer books to kids books. Like I said, we have a lot. Now that we are moving, they have to be packed up. We have an 8 shelf, floor to ceiling bookcase... yet we still have books in random places because the shelves were full. I thought packing up the bookcase would be the easiest and least daunting task. Well... I will say it was the easiest in the sense that it is a pretty localized area to pack up, and there aren't too many odd shapes or angles to deal with. Eight boxes later... not all the books are packed. I think we maybe have 2 more boxes worth, maybe 4 if I count my cookbooks in with the book packing. Mark is a book lover and will only discard (donate) books if we have a duplicate or if it was a book we got for a gift that isn't his taste (Men Are From Mars....??). So needless to say, the packing of the books took a lot longer than I thought AND it took most of the boxes I have collected from generous people who hang on to their Fresh Direct boxes (if you are in my area and are expecting FD between now and the 21st... I'd love to take those boxes from you)!!
I wonder though... will these books ever be read for a second time, or third time? Some of them, I don't even know if they have been cracked open since we were married... but we can't get rid of them. Funny, if I had a sweater that I never wore and just kept it on my shelf, I am pretty sure Mark would tell me to donate it if I wasn't going to use it. Hmmm, I think he is pulling a double standard on my clothes versus his books!!

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