Life in a Box

Well, this is what 3 years in NYC comes down to...

And we only have 3 more boxes left to pack the remaining junk! Not too bad, we should be able to do it without any major problems.... like the leaning towers of boxes failing over maybe? No, we already narrowly escaped that dilemma, and re-stacked the boxes, so we should be able to avoid any further toppling issues!
Now all that is left is random odds and ends, laundry and having the movers lovingly, and carefully pack up Mark's most prized possession... the TV. There was no way we were going to pack that thing ourselves! This way we are safe if they damage it or break it en route; they get to pay to replace it!
Tomorrow is our last day here in NYC and it is off to suburbia... well, downtown Minneapolis (not quite suburbia, but a little closer). If we didn't get a chance to see you and say good-bye in person, we wish we could have. Thanks to everyone who made our stay here fun and exciting.. we'll miss you most of all! We will be back for visits, and hope to see anyone that wants to see us!
We'll be offline for a bit (hopefully the truck doesn't take too long getting our stuff to us), but we will we back with exciting updates from the City of Lakes.
If you're ever out in our neck of the woods, please let us know, we would love to see you!
Au revoir New York, Bonjour Minneapolis! :o)


Melissa said...

Bon Voyage! Can't wait to hear how everything goes. And great job packing!!!
What are you doing for your last day in the city???

Suzanne said...

Sad!! It was great to see you guys yesterday. I hope you and your stuff all make it there safely. We will miss you both!!!

Krista said...

Good luck with your new journey in life- If you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere!! We love you guys!

Emma said...

We were so sad we couldn't come yesterday. Good luck! I'm excited to hear about all the new Minneapolis adventures.

Nicole said...

Are you sure you don't want to come back to JPM for a few more weeks...we could sure use you!

Good luck with the move!

Jen Richards said...

Mel! How is MN? I hope you and your stuff made it there ok :) It was great to see you last week, but so sad to say 'good-bye'! Keep me posted on how thing are going!