souliers, zapatos, schuhe, scarpe, schoenen, sapatos, ботинки, sko, 鞋, 靴, SHOES!

No matter how you say it.... it brings a smile to my face!
I feel it is time I put a subject that I am notoriously taunted for to rest; My shoes. I will admit it I. Like. Shoes. No matter how you are feeling, shoes always make you feel better, such as the ones to the right (thank you Mark - only the best husband EVER buys you shoes like this for your birthday, right??). If I am out shopping for clothes, and can't find what I like, or can't afford it, or it doesn't fit.... I can turn to shoes, and no matter how I feel about myself/body/image... shoes will not let me down! It is an easy way to spice up an outfit, add some colour, update a piece and just make you feel good. Today I bought my latest pair of shoes, and they are fabulous. I tried them on when I was in Texas, but alas they did not have my size in the colour I wanted. I decided I would wait until we moved and I would get them out here, but after calling today, the stores did not have them in, so I ordered them online (shoes are to the left).
Also, MN has no tax on clothing or shoes of ANY price! Beat that Manhattan $110 limit! So I decided since I had just unpacked and put all of my shoes in their shoe rack (and storage box) that I would count how many shoes I actually own and put these rumours to rest! I know some people will still think I have a ton of shoes, but knowing the friends I have (Dawnell I point my finger at you) I don't have THAT many shoes!! My grand total comes to (drumroll please) .... 37 pairs. That includes flip flops, boots, sandals... everything except slippers (it would be 43 with slippers). So... I want to know how many pairs of shoes YOU have. I am willing to bet, I am on the low end of shoe ownership.


Melissa said...

Not going to count today. I fear my number.
Did Mark pick those out? They are awesome. I love shoes too. And jackets/coats. Those are my things. I can never put an outfit together, but I feel (at least in my own little brain) like I can pick a great pair of shoes to go with my mediocre clothes.
Sounds like you are having fun in your new city!

Nicole said...

also afraid of my number...that will wait for another day (or year). But love the new purchase - you'll blow everyone iN MN away with your fancy shoe collection!

Dawnell said...

I love them! And I totally agree that no matter how depressing pant shopping can be, shoe shopping always gives one good self esteem. It might take me some time to total up my shoes. I think I'll give you the number privately.

Chris said...

Since Dawnell didn't leave her own guesstimate, I'll confirm that Dawnell almost certainly beats that. And that is with her starting all over with about five pairs when we moved out to New York. Based on the number of shoe shelves I've bought I'd say she's easily got over 50, I'd guess around 60-65 (counting flip flops etc.). Lucky me the only thing she loves more than shoes is making sure she buys everything on clearance.

Krista said...

Yeah, maybe only 37 pairs, but 37 HOT pairs!! You definitely have quality there...I'm sure I have more than 37 pairs, but I bet half of them are Payless numbers and flip flops. I bet I only own a few that set me back more than 20 bucks. I love the plaid ones...I can totally see you in them.