Is this really Reality??

So given that it is summer, and all truly worthwhile television is on hiatus until September (February for us LOSTies), it is the perfect time for "reality" televsion shows to reign. Now I don't mind a good "reality" show, I am a huge fan of The Amazing Race... or am I just a huge fan of Phil..hmmmm, good question. Anyway, like I said, I enjoy a good reality show here and there, and I think summer is the best time for networks to air them. They don't need to worry about huge ratings since they know people aren't watching television in the summer (except for me of course), and with everything else on break... why not, they can test the market for new ideas. I think there are 4 categories of reality tv shows. The first are the utterly ridiculous, why is this even on shows... case in point My Super Sweet Sixteen. I will admit, I have watched this show, and it will SUCK. YOU. IN. There is something about those pompous, bratty, spoiled little girls (and sometimes boys) that is like a deer caught in headlights. You can not turn away!! Thank goodness for commercials or I would never turn the channel. Now most of MTV and Vh1's reality shows fall into this category, 16 just represents it the best (see also: Date My Mom, Next, Real World, Flavor of Love, and I Love New York).

The next category is the mostly ridiculous, but for some reason seems to get the audience. The best example of this is Age of Love. Now this one might be able to go back and forth between this and the first category, but these shows succeed in getting some sort of "celeb" to be on the show. Perhaps the producers feel this will give them some credit? This is basically the poor mans (womans) Bachelor, except it's the oldies (ladies in their 40's) against the youngins (ladies in their 20's). Lame, it won't get season 2. Now I would also lump the Bachelor in this category, but many people watch it and it has been on for 495654 seasons it seems... Also in this category Big Brother, Skating with Celebrities, and the Apprentice.

Category 3 are those shows that actually require you to do something, learn something, and have a brain (even if it is just a small one). These include The Amazing Race, which I consider to be the best reality show on tv these days. It's fast paced, has crazy participants, you get to see the world, and they actually have to work for the prize at the end!! And every week, we get to see Phil, and Browsie (if you watch the show, you're well acquainted with Browsie)! Other shows in this category are American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, Survivor (although I don't get this one), Vh1's World of Pop Culture, and the real reason for this blog.... there is a new show starting in a week or so on NBC called The Singing Bee.
Now, John Belushi isn't on the show, that's just what comes up when you search google images for The Singing Bee, I thought it was funny. Anyway, so the premise of the show, is like karaoke. They play a song, you sing along with it, and then the words stop and you have to keep singing, and we see who knows the lyrics the best!! Now maybe it is just me who is excited by this because all of the clips show them singing along to fantastic 80's tunes, and we all know I love the 80's. This show will either prove without a doubt that my brain is overloaded with random songs lyrics, or that I just think I know all the words when in reality I have been making them up as I go along. Oddly enough however, while I was watching SYTYCD last night, Fox aired a commercial for a new show starting in a week or so curiously called... Don't Forget the Lyrics. Hmmmm... do we think a spy from either Fox or NBC leaked something? Sounds pretty much like the same show to me, with different hosts only. NBC has Joey Fatone (*nsync, Dancing with the Stars fame, and Fox has Wayne Brady (Who's Line is it Anyway, The Wayne Brady Show). I think I am going to have to watch NBC's version. Oh who am I kidding, we all know I am going to watch both of them!! I do think NBC's will be better.

Ok, the last category. Shows that involve absolutely no talent, no skill, nothing... just luck and maybe a slightly annoying personality and/or sad story. Prime examples are Deal or No Deal, 1 vs 100, The Nanny (just need crazy kids and parents without common sense), Wife Swap (2 extreme opposites on the parenting charts) and to some degree Extreme Home Makeover.

I know I left off a lot of shows... there are way too many to name, but I am excited for my song lyric shows... I just hope it's a lot of 80's tunes like they showed! Anyone else looking forward to them, or am I on my own?

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Granum Family said...

K. well I have to admit that I am a sucker for ALL reality t.v. shows. I'm addicted.