Daily Ponderances

As I lay on the couch listening to the ladies of the view battle it out over some inane "hot topic" two questions came into my mind.

Number 1:

What ever happened to PopUp Video? I was going through the online TV guide and noticed that Vh1 Classics seems to be running every episode of PUV ever made. Why did they stop making it? No matter what the video was, as soon as those little bubbles with random information popped up, I was hooked. The most memorable PopUp tidbit I recall was from a Celine Dion video (I can't remember which one - it was a slow song, not that that will help) and she was running down a hallway in a long flow-y nightgown-esque number. Anyway the bubble popped up and said something about the fastest Canadian woman's time for some race (since Celine is Canadian) and then it popped up with Celine's time (I imagine they made it up) but I laughed. There are so many cheesy and awesomely bad videos out these days, that you would think PopUp Video would be busier than ever!! But they stopped making them a year or so after the show started I think. We should start a petition to bring it back!!

Number 2:

Who is the whack job that created those ridiculously, absurd Pepto Bismol commercials?? First they started with regular office folk doing little dances holding the appropriate part of their body to go along with the song... and now they have larger than life robots, monsters and Greek mythological ladies doing the dance? Really? Do we need to see bodily orifices covered up so that we know Pepto helps with diarrhea? The first time I ever saw one of these ads I thought it was a joke or a parady for something, but NO! it was the real commercial! I try to imagine that brain storming session at the PB offices:

VP 1:"So, we need a new ad campaign - PB doesn't seem to be selling as well as it could be. Any ideas?"

VP 2: "What if we remind people of all the uses PB has? That it's not just for upset stomachs?"

VP 1: "You mean people don't know they can use it for heartburn, naseau, indigestion and diarrhea too? We need to inform the public!"

VP 2: "What if we did a commerical like this?" (that's for you Suzanne!)

VP 1: " Perfect! Not only do we get the message out about our product, but we might even reach a new demographic! We should also do ads like this."

VP 2: "Perfect. Everyone will remember us now! Great work team!!"

Ok, so that's probably not what happened, and more because my brain is turning to mush, but still... if I was an ad exec, I don't think I would give the "ok" to these ads!! Is it just me?

I guess they thought this wouldn't cut it anymore.


Krista said...

First- about the Pop-Up video- I know! I used to love that show. (By the way- I think the Celine song was "It's all Coming back to me now," but you might need to confirm that with Jay Edgington.) Second- As far as the Pepto commercials- at least they succeeded in getting your attention! Next time you have nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, or diarrhea- what is likely to come to mind? lol I secretly like the commercial with the Godzilla and stuff. It's awesome.

Melissa said...

Very good ponderances.
1. Best Week Ever can take the place of POV. It will definitely make you giggle.
2. Many a time have I had similar thoughts on how ppl come up with some of these ads. I almost convinced myself once to become an ad exec since I thought I could easily come up with some better stuff then some lady in the office holding her rear end, making a gross face and singing about diarrhea. What? My favorite one is a car commercial on the radio right now that sings "We won't jerk you around!" The jingle is so silly...
And good work on the links...all very entertaining!

Melanie said...

We stopped watching Best Week Ever - The Soup is the one to watch!! (Is it lame to reply to posts on your own comment sections?)

Christopher and Alicia said...

oh my funniest blog ever! that cracked me up! i was previously un-introduced to the slapstick world of pepto-bismol... the greek mythological woman... it is just too much

Christopher and Alicia said...

oh my funniest blog ever! that cracked me up! i was previously un-introduced to the slapstick world of pepto-bismol... the greek mythological woman... it is just too much