Slow Summer Days

Maybe it's the heat, maybe it's the new city, or maybe it's the lack of a job... but summer sure seems to go by slower than other seasons. TV shows take a break, or new craptastic reality shows, not worth watching (Age of Love anyone??), pop up... people take vacations, the world just decides it's time to take a break. Seems that break is applying itself to blogging. My blogging specifically. There's just nothing going on to blog about, so I am left to blog about nothing to blog about? Although, I have loved reading other people's blogs and their summer adventures!! Guess I need to either take a fantastic vacation, blog about my toddler, or be having a baby.... I vote for the fantastic vacation!! I'm thinking the upcoming long weekend trip to Winnipeg for a wedding and the Idaho trip for the school reunion won't count as FANTASTIC vacations right? It's always good and fun to go and visit family and friends, but it's not a trip to Prague or Reykjavik by any means!
Luckily the city seems to have some cures for the summer slowdown. There is a Jazz festival in St. Paul this weekend and again in Minneapolis the weekend after. There is also a Taste of Minnesota (or Minneapolis) in a week or two... who knew? Plus countless free outdoor concerts at many of the parks and lakes thoughout the area.
Minnesotans seem to love every minute of the summer they can get (perhaps to counter every minute of winter they get??). Every Friday about 3:00-4:00 the traffic rolls north to cottage country! Every truck pulling a boat, every SUV with jetskis on top... Minnesotans love the lake! Hard to imagine why.... close to a lake, trees everywhere, peace and quiet, relaxing... as long as the cabin is fully equipped with electricity, running water and a flushable toilet of course! Big surprise... who know I wasn't a "let's rough it" kind of girl, right?
A nice weekend day trip should suffice though, check out some Falls, have a picnic, take a nap under a tree maybe? I am guessing it wouldn't be too hard to convince Mark to spend a Saturday that way.


Krista said...

Sounds good to me! Might as well go check stuff out whle you're there-check out your new area! I beg to differ about summer going by slow- it just seems that way to you because you're a winter lover! Winter goes by at a snails pace to me. Anyways, enjoy your road trip.

Meg Porter said...

Mel- IDAHO IS THE BEST place for a vacation.. ha ha... We sure miss you guys here. I know what you mean with summer slow down!! I love reading your blog, even if it is about nothing!

Sounds like I need to try the other cupcake place :-) thanks for the tip