Until Next Year...

Another year come and gone.
And this year it goes to a team named after a Disney movie. Granted they aren't the same guys who played on the team in the movie... but who names a professional sports team after a Disney movie? Ottawa fought hard, and it would have been great to see them take home the cup, but it wasn't their year I guess. Anaheim outplayed and outscored them, so it's only fair they get to take home the big prize. It's a great reward for a great hockey player - Selanne congratulations, Winnipeg was rooting for you (even if they were cheering for Ottawa!).
Ottawa you fought the good fight, we'll be behind you next season! Enjoy the Cup Anaheim, it's coming home next year!

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Jared said...

I'm not a big hockey fan, despite the fact that Idaho borders Canada... barely. But, I always like watching the Stanley Cup games and this year's were no disappointment.

I can think of no celebration in all of sports as totally awesome as when those bearded men hold the Cup over their heads, kiss it, cry, and pass it to everyone on the team. The green jacket of the Masters and mobbing the mound at the World Series comes close, but there's nothing like hoisting the cup.