Why I like to blog again.

I started getting sick of my blog a few months ago. It seemed like every time I wrote anything I felt like it had to be an in depth discussion on something relevant. I was spending way too much time on writing and rewriting every post... eventually I got sick of it and was ready to quit. Around the same time, I got turned onto Twitter. Twitter helped me realize two things: 1) Not everyone cares about my overture posts. They were too long. People like succinct posts on interesting things. I needed to start thinking of my blog like a microfeed instead of a soapbox. 2) With fresh, consistent updating, people feel like they need to check back more often, and my click rate goes up. Win for the reader, win for me.

I don't feel overwhelmed to post anymore. While I'm going through drafts of my long posts, I keep my readers engaged (I think) by posting more often on little thoughts on stuff I read and see on a daily basis. It seems more interesting, I get more hits, and I like writing on my blog again. It's nice.

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