Been Caught Stealing

Let the madness begin!!
Every year I look through ads and wonder...do I really need something THAT badly to awake before the dead? Kill someone for a parking spot? Spend 8.5 hours in a line...all for 10% off an item that I could have bought the day before? Of course not. Will I go out and spend countless hours muttering how I hate people? Probably. Will I come home with purchases? Probably not.
At least when I go, most of the crowds have gone home. True, most things have been picked over, but there is never anything I really need that badly to wake up at 4AM. These days sleep is worth much more than 10% off. Lucky for me that most of the stores I would shop at are all within half a mile from each other, and my house. I could go over the night before, put a chair in line, go home and show up 30 minutes before the store opened, refreshed, showered and with a mug of steaming hot chocolate and a croissant and reclaim my seat...that is unless some unruly line stander had a meltdown because the doors didn't open early enough and smashed my chair to pieces...you don't want to mess with early morning shoppers - they think you might be there to steal the dancing Christmas Santa for 50% off!
So what say you? Will you be participating this year?


Ming said...

Nope. I never have and don't really ever plan on doing it. It's MUCH too early for me. I've never understood the draw myself. Are the deals really that amazing? Okay, I know the Edgingtons got a sweet deal on some flat screens last year, but beyond that I've never heard of any deals worth all the hassle. I'd rather pay the higher prices for more sleep and less people.

Krista said...

I've never done it. I have always wanted to, but have never seen anything I needed that bad to get up for.

shana said...

As a young girl learning how to shop, did you think my mom would miss the chance to show me how to shop on black Friday?

Lessons learned: (In random order but true events)

1. rip towels out of a woman's hands, who ripped them out of yours first.

2. sit in the car getting details on where me, Jana and my mom would go first, with our own carts. Then meet up later in the socks. Be organized girls!

3. as a woman sometimes you must yell at another woman who has just ran into your child with a shopping cart.

4. Never be afraid and forget the golden rule.

Erin said...

I went last year (at 4am, first time ever that early), and I honestly would worry about the safety of my growing baby around those maniacs. I didn't get anything last year, but I was squished/pushed/bumped. And I know if I had fallen down, they would have trampled me. So no, not at 4am.

Nachelle Edgington said...

I love it all, it is more of a tradition for me rather than the deals, my mom had us out there bright and early every year, and it is part of my holiday fun, I get giddy and happy as I stand there in the freezing cold air, crazy, but I love it :) My husband on the other hand will never do it again, but now that we have a child (and his tvs), I need a babysitter anyway, and I would never take her out, it is dangerous, I thought I was going to get smothered to death one year in LI at Walmart who thought it brilliant to only open the side door and let one person in at a time resulting in crowd crushing and pushing...whats not to love