Hello blogging friends,

I wanted to say thanks to Mark and Melanie for asking me to invade their blog today (and for posting such a nice picture of my nasal passages). What's up with the Smiths? is (by far) one of my favorite blogs to surf, so I'm flattered and excited to write along side these guys.

I'm going to treat this like it's my blog, so I'll be posting here throughout the day. Hopefully, you'll find something interesting. If you don't, well, sorry. I only ever make one blogging promise: not good, never boring.


Melanie said...

that photo is curtesy of you Jeff....but I guess that's what I get for leaving my camera in an apartment full of boys during their all night video game sleepover.
Have fun!

Harley King said...

J-Dawg, your posts makes me want to get up from this chair and go outside with a bat and a ball and see who I can round up.

Of course, that would require work. Maybe I'm more suited to watching football on tv.

I'll watch with Kyle.