Ever see a commercial or hear a song and you just can't get it out of your head? I know, stupid question, we all have that happen to us....but lately I have found one particular commercial and one particular song stuck on a constant loop playing through my head and it's very annoying. Usually one replaces the other, so it's not like I get a break or anything.
I thought since I seem to be suffering with these annoyances, I would share them with you in the hopes of having some company during my misery.
What songs/commercials do you have running relentlessly through your head at any time of day or night? And how do you get rid of them??


Dolphinsbarn said...

That stupid ad runs during every single monday night football break. I wanna burn down every Toyota dealership in town!

The other that is absolute misery is the subway five dollar footlong ad... it's gotten to the point that if someone gave me a subway sandwich I'd drop kick it back into the street.

Ming said...

Seriously, I think the Subway 5 dollar foot long is the most annoying, yet utterly genius commercial jingle ever. I hate it and yet I can't get it out of my head....EVER! So much so that I did actually go to Subway...so I guess it's working.