Two Thumbs?

How often do you go to the movies? We maybe go twice a year. This year we've seen Cloverfield (Mark liked it, not me) and ...I think that's it so far. I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't go again in 2008. We're just not big movie people. I used to go to the movies ALL the time when I was living at home, and on my own (pre-married days). Not sure if it was the completely opposite movie interests between me and the husband, or the outrageous prices we encountered while living in New York City that hindered the outings. Whatever it was, it made me think about what kind of movie made me HAVE to go see it RIGHT.NOW. I've come up with an answer. None. Seriously. It used to be that once a movie left the theatre, it came out on video a year or more later. I remember going to see Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet when it came out in the theatre (one of my favourite movies) and thinking "I MUST own that movie". That was 1996. Flash forward to 1998, living in Victoria, BC. Walking into HMV and asking if they had the video in stock. I was surprised to find out that it could be ordered but it would cost about $100. Or I could wait 3 months and it would be released to stores for $25 or whatever it cost back then. These days, it takes what? About 6 months to go from big screen to DVDs at Best Buy? Why pay $10 or so to go to the theatre when I can wait, pay $4 to rent it and be disappointed at a fraction of the price? I guess there is nothing out there that screams "See me NOW" to me, And I am too cheap to waste $10 on a movie that will probably leave me shrugging my shoulders (see: Cloverfield).

What movies would some people be a little tepid about admitting they love, but secretly have DVDs of them stashed behind today's hits? Me? Neverending Story, Flight of the Navigator (I still need this one), Labyrinth (yes Mark, I know David Bowie and the unnecessary crotch shots startle you to no end), Goonies, Lost Boys (can't believe they are updating this without Corey Haim!!! What is this world coming to??)... OK, so I don't shy away from admitting I love these movies..I will also admit to loving Bring It On (the original - it sucks me in when it is on USA) and Bend It Like Beckham (HIlarious!). I am not ashamed.

So what movies make you flock to the theatre for the newest release? Have you ever slept/waited in line for a movie to open just so you can go on opening day?
What movies do you secretly (or publicly) love that might make people think twice about your taste?
Or do you only go to the movies for the buttered popcorn?


Anonymous said...

Well I think that Stephen and I are really similar to you and Mark, in that we never go to the movies. We have only gone to the theater once since moving to Florida (we have been here nearly two years). We have very different tastes in movies. As far as our secret movies, Stephens would be "the dark crystal" and "willow" although I must admit willow is growing on me. My movie would definitely be "Seven brides for Seven brothers" I don't know why but I just love it!

Krista said...

Buttered popcorn.

Melissa said...

Well, it's no secret I love buttered popcorn, but I like movies too.

Goonies and Bring it On are classics. Here is the list of our classics:
Drop Dead Gorgeous - have you seen this Mel? You would love it.
Three Amigos
Raising Arizona
Waiting for Guffman

those are a few...I can't let too many of our bad choice in movie secrets out.