15 Minutes and Counting

In all of Mark's busy-ness (read: watching youtube videos instead of doing his actual work), why do I think it will be awhile before he actually posts one if his "blog ideas"? Perhaps these are all figments of his imagination playing around in his head when it is not overwhelmed with videos of monkeys, rabid Easter bunnies, police tasers and random Canadian comedy groups singing about Halifax.
I am sure he means well, but I don't think we'll be seeing anything from him in the near future (we better not unless he gets those calls made about getting Air Conditioning installed into my house - pronto - or he might not be heard from for a very long time indeed)!

Speaking of not hearing not hearing from someone for a long time...when exactly does someone's 15 minutes of fame end? I am guessing sooner than a lot of people want it to, so they do anything to keep it going, even if no one cares.

(how funny is it that there is a Chicken Soup for the Soul - American Idol edition?? I thought it was a gag that www.ew.com was to be credited for- but boy was I wrong!)



I guess it's like all the other "reality" show "celebs" who just don't seem to go away (Flav, New York, Tia, Paris, I am talking to you!), they'll do anything to keep the public from forgetting them and extend their 15 minutes. I'm still waiting for my 15 minutes, so as soon as I achieve that, I will let you know how I plan on extending it!!

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