Like Giving Candy to a Baby...Can I have Some??

Scene: Empty room except for a table.
Enter: Small child alone.
Enter: Big, Mean adult with a plate full of warm, aromatic, yummy cookies.
Big Mean Adult "Small Child - Do NOT touch the yummy cookies"
Exit: Big, Mean Adult
Scenario: Small child left to untangle the dichotomy of "To Eat or Not To Eat" the cookies....

This is the scenario I find myself in. Why is it that I can go weeks upon weeks without ever eating a cookie, candy, cake, pie...etc, but as soon as you tell me I can't, all I want is chips and lemon squares. Not to mention anything else made from a bread substance, is sweet and/or full of sugary goodness!!

The body is a funny thing, and right now it is the only one finding itself funny. Is it funny to tell a girl, a pregnant girl nonetheless, that she has to severly limit her carb intake? Or that she can't have that last piece of her birthday ice cream cake? I call that cruel and unusual punishment. But oh no, not my body, it openly laughs and mocks my misery.

I don't consider myself lucky. I've never won any holiday office drawing, or concert ticket giveaways...new cars...nothing. However give me a shot at getting something that only 4% of pregnant women get, and I am ALL over it!! I guess someone has to be on the receiving end of a cruel joke, and sad for me, I am one of the bottom dwellers this time around.
So if you see me around in the next two months and I seem a little sad, a tad grumpy, or darn right violent... you might want to run the other way.


Krista said...

I am sorry- since we already talked about this via email, I am going to use this comment space to say- Awesome picture of Falcor!! That is sweet.

Trisha Martin said...

You'll be surprised how many "treats" there are that will fit into your limitations. I can't guarantee they're yummy...but, they're better than nothing. Look online for tons of ideas. Sorry you have to go through this. Do they have you testing your blood or just counting carbs? Let me know!

Emma said...

Ugh, I seriously think any dietary restrictions when you're pregnant or nursing are just adding insult to injury. A few people suggested in the first couple months that I eliminate dairy. Yeah, right.

The Jackson Three said...

I guess you won't be looking for a Mister Softee truck, right?

Mindi said...

Do you have gestational diabetes? At first I thought you were just being silly "avoiding/limiting carbs", etc. But if THEY are telling you not to have it.. it must be more than a self-inflicted misery. Just wait! You'll get to pig out once the baby arrives... or else perhaps you will have lost the desire? Good luck finding a substitute! I'm not sure I could survive (or comply) if I was told I couldn't have sweets/carbs, ever.. let alone when I am pregnant (which I am not).