Lessons Learned

I should always start on a post that follows one of Mark's with a simple.... "I'm sorry". Right? :o)
I know he has some more to come, but I don't think they will offend nearly as many people as that last one may have. Thankfully most people who read this know Mark and can just shrug and say "Oh Mark!"...for those of you who don't know Mark...well you'll just think whatever you want I guess.
Alright, so on to a new topic.
This weekend Mark and I decided to do something very different and very unexpected for people like us. We went out! And not just to Target, or to dinner (mind you we did do both of those things...) No, we went out OUT. Late on Thursday I discovered a show going on downtown on Saturday that I wanted to go to, but I debated because of the price and that maybe it wouldn't be the best show...I went back and forth, but then Thursday night I decided "gosh darn it, we're going! We never do anything!" So Friday I bought the tickets (thank you American Express rewards) and we awaited Saturday night to come upon us.
Now I love me some Kids in the Hall, and yes they are not the most reverent, kid friendly comedy troupe, but I figured their show would get a PG-13 rating...a few swears, some jokes about sex, mix in some politics and religion...typical fodder for comedians these days. My first clue should have been the 3 or 4 F-bombs dropped in the first skit. I figured okay, moving on...nope. I don't think one skit was F word free. Oh no, I think there were one or two. Regardless, had that been it, whatever, drunk people love swearing apparently. It was the combination of swearing, sex, a skit combining those things with cars (don't ask)... just some things I could have done without. On the opposite side, these are 5 funny guys and there were many skits that were Hi.lar.ious! Headcrusher, Chicken Lady...the dancing... but when they seem to be few and far between, it is hard to feel like it was a worthwhile night.

Here is my beef with shows (all sorts, musicals, dramas, comedies any sort), you just never know what you're going to get. The best example I can think of is Bob Saget. If the only experience you've had with Bob is through Full House or his hosting duties on America's Funniest Home Videos, I don't recommend going to catch his live show. I have never been but I have seen enough interviews with him to know that his show is completely not suitable for anyone under 18. Quite a surprise when you see a lot of his body of work. Now if you were to go to a Chris Rock show...you kind of know what you're going to get. He has never portrayed himself as a squeaky clean, take me home to your mother, type comedian - you know what you're in for.

No one needs to tell me I am a prude, I admit it. I don't like a lot of swearing, and discussions and simulations of sex doesn't get me laughing...I may have been the only one in the theatre not laughing at times...although that might have to do with the fact that Mark and I were probably the only sober ones in attendance!! I'm not someone who thinks people can't go out and enjoy whatever kind of comedy they want, I just want to know what I am walking into and if it is going to be worth my money. Why can't plays/shows put a sort of "ratings" system...not one that keeps people out, but just one that gives people an opportunity to know what they are going to experience. What if someone wanted to bring their 16 year old? Some people might think the show would be fine for a 16 year old, but I certainly don't think so. When I go to the movies and pay my admittance fee, I have an idea of what I am gong to see most of the time and can make the decision if I want to or not...but if I go to a new Broadway show, I have no idea if it is full of bad language, sex...or whatever. I just want a heads up, is that too much? It doesn't mean you have to limit who comes to your show, just let us know what we can expect!

I really wanted this post to be some raving, glorious review of the show and the fact Mark and I actually went out...but I just couldn't do it. Everyone has their line of what they find acceptable and not, and I am not here to censor it. I just know what works and doesn't work for me...and I guess I will just stick to reruns of the Kids on Comedy Central from now on for my KITH fix. I think Bruce, Scott, Mark, Kevin and Dave are super funny guys (ever watch Newsradio - loved Dave Foley on that show) and are very talented, I recommend giving their TV show a shot...and if you're not as prudish as I am, check them out on tour, they got standing O after standing O...people love 'em! Wow, this makes me sound old, boring and a great big stick in the mud, doesn't it!! Oh well, someone has to claim the title! :o)


Erin said...

I completely agree with you, not about being a stick in the mud, but about needing some sort of rating system for shows like that. And if you're going to put out the money to see it, then you deserve it!

Kyndra said...

I know how you feel. Dug and I went with his parents to see Dracula when it was on Broadway after some rave reviews by friends of ours (one being an old guy his parents go to church with). In the first act a lady was suddenly completely naked on stage!! A little bit later another one was naked again! Dug immediately started to yell out "BOO BOO" and everyone heard it. In the second act there was a part where the same actress was clearly suppose to be openly naked but she hid herself a little bit but Dug still booed. After the show a lady told Dug to keep his opinions to himself, and he told her to keep hers to herself. We looked at reviews on the internet when we got home and lots of people complained about the same thing as we did. We were frustrated because there were kids in the audience since it was a matinee and there was a class of handicapped teenagers sitting behind us! Sorry for the long comment, but I guess this is just to say, I am totally with you on this one. Definitely need a rating system.