Statement? Art? Stunt?

So, anyone who knows me, knows I am not a very opinionated, out-spoken person. Oh wait, that's a big lie...everyone who knows me, knows I AM an opinonated, out-spoken person. I am usually the one with the differing political view, restaurant recommendation, movie suggestion, etc.,etc.
I do try though not to get too into political debates and discussions, but sometimes I hear or read something that I think needs to be commented on. I still remember the night sitting at the Vetter's years back and Mark was having a conversation with another person, who I don't think I had ever met before (Kyndra, this would be Dug), and he and Mark were discussing, gambling along with a variety of other topics. Now, when I don't know someone at all, I will usually try to be a little calm and reserved, but whatever it was that night, I unleashed on Dug and his opinions. No holds barred. Poor Dug. I'm not sure he knew what to make of me and my opinions ...but you know, I didn't care. Thankfully I think he was okay with me, because every time he saw me after that he said hi and we'd always chat!
Anyway, the point of my rant is an article I read today. Even if there is something I don't like, or don't "get", I can usually see how someone else might like it (i.e. modern art), however what I read today...I don't think I am a closed-minded person, and maybe someone might think I am being closed-minded on this, but I will be okay with that label this one time. I don't know how anyone can see this as anything other than horrific (I will keep my opinion to my one word of horrific because I am not sure blogspot has enough room for me to elaborate - although I would really love to go off with all of the ideas spinning through my head right now).

Take a read - tell me what you think.


Krista said...

That really made me sick. Literally- I felt sick to my stomach reading that. All I can say is that she is going to be held ultimately accountable for her actions when all is said and done, and I doubt doing it for the sake of art is going to get her out of this one. Do people really not realize that this is murder? Disgusting. I am totally appalled, and saddened. Don't know what else to say.

Melissa said...

I couldn't stomach reading the whole thing. Please say that is some sick joke?

Anonymous said...

It appears that it was likely a hoax all along - http://www.yale.edu/opa/

Still, it is sick, wrong, and appalling. Mel, while I'm not criticizing your blogging about this, perhaps the best way to address wackos like this who confuse self gratification and grotesque cries for attention with "art" is to simply ignore them - or drag them into the streets and beat them senseless.

Alisha and Dave said...

Hoax or not, I find it sad what people have to do to make themselves known or famous. If this is true, she is going to be in for a rude awakening in the afterlife when she has to raise all those kids!
It's as bad as the 'artist' who displays a starved dog tied up and the food is just out of reach.
It's unfortunate that parents do not raise their children to have more respect and dignity for themselves and others.

Holly said...

DISGUSTING- Even if I had nothing against abortion. The whole idea is just demented. I seriously think the girl needs some psychotherapy. Gross. Okay, having said that I do also think its immoral. So wrong on different levels. And I agree- to what lengths will people go to make a name for themselves? It scares me to think of the lack of morals people have today. Ugh.

Kyndra said...

Dug thought you were the coolest girl after your discussion that night. He LOVED that you had an opinion on the topic, and I loved that you had an educated opinion to refute his opinion I didn't agree with!

And as for this "art" - sick in the head. Seriously, something has to be so off base with someone who thinks like that.

The Vetters in Manhattan said...

This is absolutely repulsive!

Dawnell said...

My mom sent me this link. With all the ensuing information I can't figure out if it was a hoax or not. Yale is saying it was a fake and her project was a piece of performance art seeing how disgusted people would be a opening dialogue on art and the body. But she is being coy and making these half statements that the university supported the project as described (is actual miscarriages) and is leaving it ambiguous if she actually did it. Sicko.