Passing the Buck

If you've read the news over the weekend, looks like the subject of my previous post, was indeed a stunt, although the "artist" of it claims she really did what the article claims. Either way, whether done, or done as a "commentary", I suppose she succeeded in getting people to talk. Still not sure how it would be classified as art, but I guess that brings about the age old debate of "what is art" - to each their own right? Hopefully not in this case.

Now that that is done...on to bigger and better. I keep hearing Mark say that he has a billion blog ideas (and that one might actually be written, but not posted), so I now turn the time over to him while I wait to see what controversy and mayhem he can stir up!


Krista said...

Am I supposed to know who that other guy is in the photo?

Dolphinsbarn said...

I'm having a hard time believing Mark will EVER post again. Thanks for nothing Mark. In the meantime, Melanie- you can keep us entertained.