Our last day was spent hanging out in the hotel since we had to leave for the airport around 10AM, so we slept in, had some breakfast, packed up, played solitaire in the lobby...and off we went!
The airport was...interesting.  We had some issues checking in, then we stood in a line for almost two hours waiting to drop our bags off because there was a fire in the baggage area and check ins had been suspended.  Thankfully our flight was held and we finally made it onto the plane.  We took off about two hours late, but we were on our way.  Luckily for us, we missed our connection in Amsterdam (note sarcasm in that fact), so we had been rebooked for the next flight home.  The next day.  Awesome.  Of course our bags were on their way to Minneapolis, so we had nothing.  Did I mention it was awesome?  Thankfully KLM is a wonderful airline and booked us into a hotel with a restaurant that provided dinner and breakfast and a free shuttle to and from the airport.  We figured we'd be stuck in some dump of a hotel that offered a mouth watering dinner of pb&j.  Much to our surprise, it was a very nice hotel and two fantastic meals!  Ask Mark, I think he is still drooling over his desert and the breakfast buffet.  That night we took the train into Amsterdam and walked around a bit.  There isn't a whole lot going on at 8:30PM and most stores are closed, so we strolled along the streets and over the canals...but it was dark and chilly...and the camera died.  Good times.  But we finally made it home sweet home to two children who probably couldn't have cared less that we had even been gone.

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