Day 5 and 6

Day 5 we decided to venture away from the beach and into the mountains.  We hit a couple of little medieval towns, the first was Annot.  It did not hold as much allure as we had been to led to believe, but it was a quaint little town and had some great views.

After Annot, we hoped back on the train and headed back to Entrevaux.  This did not disappoint!  It had a great village to walk around, some fantastic views, a massive fort to explore and THE BEST SANDWICH I have ever eaten, not to mention the best coconut ice cream ever!  I would recommend visiting Entrevaux to anyone headed that way.

 The sandwich.

I'm not sure you can really grasp just how high up we were since my camera died as soon as we got to the top, so I wasn't able to get a picture straight down.  But let me tell you, it was HIGH!

Day 6 we ventured off to Italy.  We visited Ventimiglia and San Remo.  We ended up mostly walking around and eating ice cream since most of the shops and such were closed for their "lunches."  It was almost like walking through a ghost town!  I am sure it is a much more bustling place when things are open and you know where you are going and what you should be seeing, but we enjoyed anyway!

Day 7 coming at ya next!

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