Day 3 and 4

The next day we checked out the local market.  Flowers, soaps, spices, fruit (oh the fruit), veggies, bread...it was wonderful!!

Then we climbed a great big hill to get a great view of the area.

The next day we jetted off to Monaco.  We walked around Monte Carlo, went inside the casino, took a trolley ride around the city and enjoyed the fireworks they set off that night just for our visit! Ok, it was for the International Fireworks Competition or something, but still...

Day 4 consisted of riding the rails to Antibes and Cannes.  I have to say, these towns are very much alike!  As I am guessing most Mediterranean towns are...beach and tourist shops with some history and art mixed in!! I don't even know if I took a picture in Antibes, but they did have a lovely market there (how I wish I could have brought home the flowers and produce) and a cute shop that I bought some clothes from!!  Cannes was about the same, but they have the Film Festival so I think it gets the spotlight a little more.  But we toured around both cities and ate ice cream, so how bad can it be??

Day 5 and 6...coming your way!

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