Hair Gone Wild

I don't know why I am doing this.  Perhaps I need to learn to laugh more at myself, or to remind myself of how much older I am now, or even as a cautionary tale for the years to come now that I have a daughter.  I'm thinking it's a note to self for when I am having a bad hair day/why did I cut my hair off??
Either way, here we go. 
May I present to you a sampling of hairstyles (and I use that term very loosely) past.  Ones that haunt me, ones that when glanced upon result in head shaking and tsk tsk-ing.  I wish I knew who to lay the blame on; me, my Mother, my Father...I just don't know.  The truth is they happened.  And sadly, Josten's has captured it on film, to live forever.  And now I am adding it to this here world wide web as a service to those around the world.  Take this as your lesson in what NOT to do to hair.

And may this serve as a reminder as to why growing your hair out is such a difficult, torturous decision...one that very rarely can be accomplished without embarrassment or the explanation of "I'm growing my hair out."
(terrible picture quality, but it was many, many moons ago before the days of digital cameras)
There are oh so many more I could share, but the pictures are so huge that I am afraid small children and pets would run away crying.  Just take my word for it...or look at the pictures again, you'll believe me.


Corinne said...

This is beyond awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Catherine said...

You were one bold chica! Every year it looks like you had a totally different hairstyles. Props for that! I LOVE these pictures. I'm so glad you are letting them live on forever via your blog!!

Mary said...

This has just made my day Mel!!! I now have some great screen saver pictures!!!! I will smile each time my computer falls to sleep. :)

Jared said...

Awesome post. I am haunted by my own mullet photos from high school, yet still long for the days when I had so much hair.

Melanie said...

I never realized your mom was schizophrenic.