So Nice! Part One

(Warning...prepare for photo overload in the coming posts)
Back to reality.  I think coming down/back from vacation deserves another mini vacation! :o)
We just spent 8 fabulous days in the French Riviera (and one chilly night in Amsterdam) thanks to a Grandma who was more than willing to fly to our home and watch our two munchkins for us while we toured, sunbathed, ate leisurely meals and enjoyed the sites of various French and Italian cities (Thanks Grandma S!)
I'm not sure everyone wants an hour by hour recap of our trip, or any recap for that matter, but just to document it on this old world wide web, I'll provide the highlights!

We flew into Nice and spent the first 2 days there adjusting to the wicked humidity and intense sun (we were one of the very few pasty white folks walking along the beach!) and enjoying the sites.  We walked miles every day checking things out.  This time around we didn't worry so much about museums and art galleries and instead strolled down streets, perusing through stores, and checking out things here and there.

Day 1 and Day 2 we spent in Nice, we walked along the beach, toured Vieux Nice, walked and walked, spent some time at the beach and the pool, ate ice cream, and just wandered around.  These are some of the things we saw (and most of them we don't know the specifics or history, I just took pictures!!)
 The Pastys (does anyone ever look good in pictures wearing sunglasses, or is it just me that doesn't??)

 (There will be no up close shots of the beach!!)

Day 3 and 4 up next...

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Erin said...

There were sometimes when I couldn't tell if you were saying Nice or nice. C'est la vie. :) It looks like you two had an amazing time, thanks for sharing all the pictures. And Mark is justified in drooling over the dessert in your last hotel. It look divine!