Shopping Lessons

Here's what I learned while shopping today (other than you should never go shopping with a 1 and 3 year old):  women either want to look like a sailor (a look that we saw in Paris in 2006 - so that's either super fast turn around or we're just that slow here) or Mrs. Roper.  If you have no idea who Mrs. Roper is (my fear that I must be too old for some of the fashions of today has been validated), click here.
Every where I looked, flow, flowers, crochet, crochet and flowers together!!  Or skinny pants, super skinny pant, low rise pants, super low rise pants, shorts with a 3 inch inseam (seriously???).  I guess I have been out of the fashion game too long. That, or I just don't know where to shop anymore.


Julie said...

Too funny - I haven't thought about "Mrs. Roper" in forever, but I knew exactly who you were talking about right away! I TOTALLY believe that you were Best Dressed Girl. Some things never change. :)

Kyndra said...

My cousin and I were recently lamenting, "I am totally confused by fashion right now." We were walking through H&M and didn't understand what direction anything was, let alone how a lot of the things in there could be considered stylish since they could also be sold in Cold Water Creek. I'll stick with my classics I guess.

Lisa said...

I have shorts with a 2 inch inseam :0