My Blog's Been Stolen!!!

Now I don't usually like to admit that I sometimes read online celeb trash, but I do. Imagine my surprise when mousing my way through it... I see THIS!!!!
I've been plagerized by an online celeb gossiper!!! I've been saying it since the first time he was shown on Idol AND I posted about it like a week earlier!!
Is this the beginning of my online celebridom???


Devin said...

I just got on to leave you a comment about Perez having stolen your stuff, and you already knew! Your more of a celebrity gossip whore than me!

Devin said...

Oops, I forget to sign in, that comment is obviously from me, Brooke.

Melissa said...

AWESOME! And you weren't just copied by anyone - Perez! Snap!

Yes...the beginning of your online stardom. So glad I knew you before you were big.

Mindi said...

Didn't know you were one of Perez's "informants". Cool.

Alisha and Dave said...

Nie work Mel... I have to say I am glad that 'guy' got the boot of AI. He made me mad with his 'attitude' and bitchiness.