Will It Ever End?

The short and easy answer to that question is no. However, if I left it at that, this blog wouldn't make any sense!
Let me try again, "will the politics of politics ever end?" I know no better adjective to describe how I feel about politics other than political. Politics has become just too political. There are polls and statistics for every things; how did women vote, how did women under 30 vote, how did a certain race vote, how did genders within that race vote, etc. If it is so important for candidates to win a certain demographic, why don't they just come right out with it? Forget the "political correctness" and just say it. Hillary, "vote for me because I'm a woman and so are you", Huckabee, "I'm a Baptist, so are you" and so on. To me, a candidate should represent the majority of the people based on their positions on the issues (economy, health care, taxes, etc) not if we share the same chromosome, religion or race. If a 30 year old white woman is voting for Hillary, should I vote for her too because I am 30 and white? What about Mitt? He's LDS, so am I - do I vote for him? McCain's white, do I vote for him? I guess that leaves out Obama since I am not a man, Black or his religion. Seems a simple way to whittle down the choice of candidates - let's just openly discriminate! Why don't people take the time to find out the candidates positions on issues you feel strongly about. It won't take long, and there are enough websites to help you with your choices. Voting is a personal matter, and it is your responsibilty to find out who best represents you and your beliefs, not what Oprah believes. While Oprah is entitled to her opinion, I think anyone who yields that much public influence/power, needs to be careful. I hope most people take the time to make educated decisions, but you know many people who love Oprah think that, "if Oprah likes him, he must be good, so I like him too". Just because you might like the same book as Oprah, doesn't mean you feel the same way about tax reform or health care as Oprah. Let Oprah back whomever she wants, but I think she (and other celebrities who publicily endorse candidates) has a responsibilty to say, "I have done my research, this person gets my vote, now you do your research and decide your vote." The overall message being the importance of voting. An educated vote has a much more meaningful message than a popularity vote.
Another issue I have with the current politicking is the focus on Hillary Clinton for the sole issue of being a woman. If she becomes even slightly emotional everyone jumps on her for not handling her emotions (what would she do in a war?). If she wears a shirt that is below her collarbone - oh my goodness cleavage!!! I haven't heard anything about the hideous ties worn by some of the candidates at a Republican debate. No one got on Mitt Romney's case for becoming emotional during his interview with Chris Matthews...how come? It's a double standard and it shouldn't happen.
While some might consider me to be a very opininated person, I don't usually strike up political conversations, but I find politics in the U.S. to be so different! Primaries, caucuses (who created that word anyway?), delegates...starting the process 2 years before the actual election... Why a party would even hold primaries when they don't award delegates is also beyond my grasp. It's like announcing the Oscar for Best Film, but then not giving them the award because it doesn't really matter anyway. Why have the vote if it means nothing? It's a giant waste of time and resources.
I wish I could say that it will all be over soon, but I know that would be a lie. Once these primaries are over, it just starts up all over again. Lucky me this year - the RNC is being held in Minneapolis! Oh joy, live coverage every day. Then the actual election and debates start....at least I know that come the end of January, things will quite down for at least a year, right??
One last comment...I can't even vote down here so take it with a grain of salt. Just do me the favour of educating yourself before you vote. Don't fall prey to the vote for me because I am just like you mentality.
So to answer my question, no, it will never end (and the same can be said for this post!!)


Melissa said...

I don't even know where to begin. I used to love politics but as of late have been very turned off by the whole thing. There are so many double standards I don't even know where to start.
I totally agree with the Oprah thing - and all endorsements seem weird to me. Why is Chuck Norris ALWAYS opening for Huckabee? Who is he in the political arena? Who cares who movie stars like?
I honestly don't know if I would be happy if any of the candidates became President. Oh vey.

Anonymous said...

Amen sister-couldn't have said it better myself.

Kacey said...