Tribute to a Friend

It's been 8 months since we last saw each other, spoke to each other... and now you've returned expecting me to come running back to you, with open arms no less...and with no guarantee that you will stay. Do you think I should be happy you're back? Will I even come back? Do you even have to wonder if I would be back...really?
We all knew I would be back. I've been eagerly anticipating your return, marking my calendar, making sure everyone knew we would be reunited, gathering any news about you and your return that I could get my hands on. There is no question that I have been a faithful friend, through apparent good times and bad times. Even when you would go away for a week here and 3 weeks there....you knew I would be here when you came back, you can't shake me that easily.
So now you're back... how do I feel? It's beyond words. It's like you've never been gone. There was no disappointment; only anticipation at what you would bring me. You did not let me down; you provided suspense and awe and marvel at every corner. I find myself disappointed only in knowing that I won't see you again for a week. And even though I know our time is fleeting, I will take what you can give. I know it is not your fault that you will leave again in 7 weeks, I know you would stay if you could, but you don't make those decisions.
Perhaps our time together will be extended, only time will tell, but until then, I will have to wait to see you until next Thursday at 8:00CST so we can make the most out of the fleeting moments we have left. I find solace in knowing that when you are gone again, I will be able to relive our past time together at the touch of a button.


Krista said...

lol- glad you enjoyed it. Ours didn't record, luckily they have the full episodes online-phew! We watched them last night. Let us just pray this stupid strike ends soon!

The Jackson Three said...

So what did you think? I need more details from the most devoted fan!