Excuse Me, But Do I Know You From Somewhere?

So the annual American Idol ritual has started...how long will it be until I boycott this hot mess?? Probably not for awhile, so until then I have to find things to amuse myself while the show is on. This season has not failed to get off to a quick start. And I'm not even talking about the actual "talent" on the show!! Why didn't anyone report that Jessica Alba was a contestant?? Am I the only one to notice? I would have thought ET, Access Hollywood and The Insider would have been all over this! Celebrity hawking is not just for Dancing With the Stars anymore!! I guess she needs a new avenue for exposure since her movies haven't fared too well at the box office.

I wonder how well she will do? Think she will make it to the Top 12? Will she wow the judges or be one of the first to go? And more importantly, why is she singing for the boys side??
What?? That's NOT Jessica Alba? Are you sure? Maybe you should look again....maybe I should look again.
Ok, maybe it's not her...but has anyone told HIM that he is not Jessica Alba?


Melissa said...

This is hilarious. I just posted about the supposed McCain mistress and his wife being twins.
I never saw it (Jess and Danny) but I do now. Danny bugs.

Erin said...

too funny. i dont think i would have noticed it but they are twins for sure!!!

Krista said...

He totally bugs. No worries, though. After tonight's performance, I am sure we won't be seeing any more of him.