Can You Hear Me NOW??

Ok, so I was tired of seeing "Fatty Fat Fat" everytime I logged into this blog of ours, and since our internet and phone have been out at home for the last 3 days - there hasn't been a lot of time for new entries!! It's a cop-out to post a Tag for an update, but I'm at work early, and it's the easiest thing to do! I'll get back to random rants when we have power at home!
Ok, here we go

*What is his full name?
Mark Eric Smith - although on our first trip to my parents house after getting married, we had to fill out our customs forms or something, and as he was filling his out I glanced over and saw him write "Mark Erik Smith" - I thought "oh no! I've been spelling his name wrong!!" until I saw him stop, look at his name, look at me and say "that's not how I spell my middle name!"

*How long have you been married?
7 years in August

*How long did you date?
Longer than some, shorter than others!!

*Who eats more sweets?
I try not to keep sweets in the house for this exact reason - we'll eat them!! Depends on the sweet, if it is peanut M&M's I will have them devoured in a matter of seconds. If it's Red Vines (gag) I will never touch them and Mark will inhale them. We're probably pretty even on the sweets thing...but I am going to point my finger slightly more at Mark on this one.

*Who said I love you first?
I believe Mark did. While we were sitting on my roommate's couch which oddly enough is now our spare couch.

*How old is he?
29, but during summer months he ages rapidly to the ripe old age of 83 as he mows his lawn, and feeds his birds.

*Who is taller?
Am I wearing heels? Mark is taller but only by a couple of inches.

*Who is smarter?
Working on campus has its advantages...when Mark first asked me out, I had access to student records where I worked, so of course I looked him up. I like to tease him that I did better in Math than he did!! But we both have our smart areas... anything finance, business related I whole heartedly give it to Mark (not that I am stupid with it, I could just care less) but regarding all matters that don't matter...it's all me! And University Math of course! :o)

*Who can sing better?
Neither of us. If a gun was put to my head and I had to choose, I would pick me, but only by a hair.

*Who does the laundry?
However I answer this will stir up contention, but I will try to be as honest as I can. It goes back and forth. When we first moved to NYC, it was all Mark because I was not going to the laundromat in the neighbourhood we lived in. So Mark would hike down and do the laundry and I would put it all away. When we moved to RI and I was still unemployed, I did it. Even after getting a job in NYC, I would do more laundry than he would. In our apartment in MN, before I got my job, it was me, but now that we are in the house...it's Mark. I'll do it if it needs to be done...but that comes down to "do I have any underwear left?"

*Who pays the bills?
That would be me. Mr. Finance man doesn't touch them.

*Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
Both sides of our current bed are wrong. The new bed comes this weekend (yay!!), I'll let you know then.

*Who mows the lawn?
Mark. I am banned from lawnmowing. OK, so it is a self-imposed ban, but after the mowing incident at my parents, my Dad told me to never mow again, so I haven't.

*Who cooks dinner?
Usually Papa John does and under 30 minutes!! Ok, not true, but he is on our short list of Smith household chefs. I make most dinner, but Mark will cook once or twice a week.

*Who is more stubborn?
Does that even need an answer? I'm pretty sure anyone reading this knows who is more stubborn out of the two of us. But just in case someone doesn't, it's me. No need to try and deny, it is a God given talent of mine, and you know what they say about talents...don't waste them!! So it is always in good use. :o)

*Who asked who out?
Mark asked me...well it was more of a "hey, I have some time off next week, do you want to do something?" I was more impressed with the fact that he didn't even bother to ask me for my phone number...but he called. That showed me his determintation, well that or his criminal abilities to track me down.

*Who has more siblings?
Mark has 6, I have 3.

*Who wears the pants?
We both do. Even if you hear otherwise!!

I now tag Lisa (haha!).


Dolphinsbarn said...

I liked Fatty Fat Fat. So, when are you guys moving to Denver? It's the cool thing to do.

The Vetters in Manhattan said...

Mowing incident?

Erin said...

I think we can all agree that you need to elaborate on this mowing incident...

Also, you forgot to mention that when Mark gets in any contact with his brothers that his age can decrease rapidly back to age 13. Somehow they all go back to 13.

Brooke said...

I would like to switch husbands come summertime, so that Mark can take care of my yard. I'm sure there is something we can find for Devin to be useful at yours. I'm missing you terribly and want to see belly pics! If you don't post some soon I am totally going to touch your belly next time I see you!