The Sun Will Come Out....Some Day

So what do you do after a long, cold, windy winter (that apparently still isn't over)? Well, if you're Mark...you snap about 2 weeks ago and make life very difficult with the constant cursing and muttering. If you're Melanie...you grin and bare it - I grew up in a colder place, so it could always be worse, right?
The one thing I have noticed during our first winter in Minnesota (and this goes for all cities I have ever lived in), is that EVERYone talks about the weather. It's like your own real life, real time weather channel. You don't need to turn on your TV, just poke your head outside and the first person you see will shout something about the weather at you. "Cold enough for ya?" is my favourite. Or the "Can you believe how cold it is?" Yes actually I can, we live in MINNESOTA. Apparently no one bothered to inform these people that Minnesota is not located adjacent to Florida, California or Hawaii (how rude!). I can completely understand someone's shock over the weather if they have just relocated to MN from one of the previous listed warm states. I would probably remark at the temperatures too. However, most of the people complaining about the weather are either native Minnesotans or people who have lived here for years and years. I don't get it. Minnestoa + winter = cold (beyond cold to many). Maybe they don't teach geography in school here, so that's why they don't understand the utter chilliness of Minnesota winters?? We've had plenty of nights of single digits plus windchills, and mornings of minus 5 plus the windchill...it's just winter folks, put on your toque (hat) and mitts when you go out. Seems kind of obvious to me. But as I said, where I grew up, it was routinely -40 or less with the windchill, so maybe I am just a heartier breed than others. I'm not one to say I love the -40 degree weather, but yes, I am the crazy one who would rather suffer through it than suffer through 100 degrees plus humidity. Like I always say, when it's cold, I can put more clothes on...when it is that hot, I could run around naked and still sweat profusely. I would rather shudder than boil.
Minnesota winters just make you appreciate Minnesota summers a lot more, because they are really fantastic. Not scorching hot, not completely soaked with humidity, and the evenings cool down. Perfect.
So to answer the first question....what do you do after a long, cold, windy winter?? Most people head south for surf, sun, sand and fun. Us? We're going to NYC! Hey 45 degrees is a heatwave next to the -2 with windchill we woke up to this morning!
Wild Ginger, Black & White cookies and Century 21 (when did they get an actual website?? Love it!!) - here we come!!


Granum Family said...

I could never live there. I would be miserable to be around because I would be complaining so much about the weather.

emily said...

Hey there! I'm definitely IN for lunch! Are you going on Thursday or Friday?

Jen Richards said...

Ha HA.. so true. I think we had MANY conversations about the weather at JPM (mostly about how you hate the warm and I hate the cold). It does tend to consume your life when you have to walk around in it all day :) Hope you and baby Smith are staying warm.

Chris said...

I'm going to see you in about two hours and I'm really excited. I just thought I'd mention that.

Chris said...

Actually, Dawnell said that comment but evidently Chris has some google thing open in one of the 15 windows that he left up and it's using his id and I'm too lazy to change it.