Can't Buy Me Love....or can I??

$40,000 is a lot of money...even for those who are deemed "rich" or a "celebrity", right? So it's probably a lot more to the avergae joe then. Would you shell out that much to win a date (can you call it a date if you pay the person to go out with you?) with Scarlett Johansson? Or anyone for that matter? What if all of the money went to charity (his winning bid will go to benefit Oxfam America)? Do you have a charity that is worth pimping yourself out to?
This is the "dream date" the guy won: "The winner, who is from the U.K., and a guest will be ferried to the glittering event (premiere of her He's Just Not That Into You movie - seems appropriate for the date) in a chauffeur-driven limousine to join the star on the red carpet. After the screening, Johansson will hand her date a personal handwritten note."
Maybe the Brit who won the bid thinks he and Scarlett will hit it off and she'll leave Ryan Reynolds and run right into his arms. Probably not though.

Makes me think...is there anyone I would pay $40,000 to go out with on a completely platonic date? If it was anyone, dead or alive: Michael Hutchence would definitely top the list.If I had to keep it to alive only... Kenneth Branagh
Paul Walker to satisfy the "eye candy" factor - only to discover the true thespian within
Just so I don't choose solely from the world of actors... Adam Levine
And to satisfy my teenage crushes: Corey Haim - original Lost Boy (I'm pretty sure I had this poster on my wall)and Kirk Cameron of course (totally had this poster too!)
And my charity would by the Best Friends Sanctuary in Southern Utah.

Who would you pay (if you had endless amounts of money, or a scary obsessive one-sided celebrity crush) to go on a "date" with? And who would you donate the money to?


Melissa said...

hmmm...this is tough. I would choose Matt Damon (as Jason Bourne or Will Hunting) or Jack Bauer. Simon Cowell would be a hoot to hang with for a night, so would Will Farrell. Wade Robson - I would make him choreograph a dance for me.
I would give the money to Hour Children.

Kyndra said...

I adore Kenny Chesney (he's even touched my butt and called me honey in front of my husband), so either him or Patrick Dempsey. If I'm going on teenage crushes it would be Luke Perry, Joel Beeson (Preferred Stock model) or *ahem* Jordan Knight. Charity: Sully's Playground.

Dolphinsbarn said...

This is the best post ever. Esspecially since Kenneth Branaugh is on the list!

So we had the Edgington's V-day party this weekend... a little tame this year. Seemed like we needed more Smith action in our lives.

Alisha and Dave said...

Hmm... this is tough. I have never thought about who I would date if I could... hmm... David Usher is pretty sexy. I like Matthew Lombardi (hockey player for all you non hockey watching people). I like Brad pitt too... I'd just love to talk to him about his charity work plus he is nice to look at regardless of his relationship follies.
As for charity: www.mywallet.com