March Migraines

  • when Ryan tells us we'll have at least two hours to vote. What does that mean? Will I have 2 hours, or will it be 3? Do east coasters get more time?
  • when Alison tells contestants they have to lose more than 14 pounds. Why doesn't she say they have to lose 15 pounds to take the lead? Or at least 15 pounds? If I lose 14.1 pounds do I win?
  • why people leave a teaspoon of milk in the jug. Why don't you just finish it off?? Is there already that much milk in your bowl? Or do you just want to annoy me? Same goes for any beverage in any container. (You know who you are)
  • awesome shirts that you want to buy that are just a smidge too small and the stores that don't carry the bigger size. Curses on these stores!
  • people who talk to you loudly when they can see you're trying to get a cranky wee one to take a nap. Do you think your voice is going to lull her to sleep??
  • never-ending senate races. Would you please stop it already?? By the time this gets settled, it'll be time for a new election.
  • octomom. And whoever gave her that stupid moniker. Could we please stop discussing her and everything related to her?
  • the uproar over sleeveless. Who cares if Michelle Obama wears a sleeveless dress? Now if she wore daisy dukes...then I might understand.
  • why does the Today Show have to have so many commercials?


Nachelle Edgington said...

Diddo, diddo and p.s. I LOVE the new hair, super cute, makes me want to be daring, but then I have had the same hair for 8 years, why change now :)

Melissa said...

I love your blog. Agree with all migraines. Can we add Phil trying to do sign languge to that? It's nice. But so annoying. Can't he just put up how many fingers?
PS - haircut?!?! When?