Here's a Tip For Ya!

Can anyone explain this to me?
I tip my server, I tip my hairdresser, I tip the driver/shuttle guy... but when did it become that we have to tip everyone?? People at fast food places have tip jars. I get a letter to tip my newspaper person. Why? Why do we have to tip? Aren't people doing the jobs they were hired for? Some say it's a courtesy, a thank you. Well isn't me making use of you (keeping you/your company in business) a courtesy? I could have gone with someone else!!
I'm In all of my working years I never got a tip. If I went above and beyond I still didn't get a tip. Isn't a doorman's job to get the door? He gets paid to do that, right? So why is it expected that I give him a tip?
Living in NYC can crush you at Christmas time. You've got your front door people, the maintenance people, the mail person....it's a lot of people. Even if you gave everyone $20, where we lived it would have been close to $200 or more! And our front door people didn't do any door openings, they were just desk people.
We're supposed to tip our cab driver, yet we don't tip the bus driver. Aren't they essentially doing the same job, one just has more riders (and a bigger vehicle!)?
I don't get it. I will continue to tip my hairdresser because she has scissors and I don't want to be bald...my newspaper delivery person...probably not.
Call me cheap, that's okay. I've been called worse.


Ming said...

AMEN! Speaking of tipping hairdressers...what is standard? I feel like I never know what I'm supposed to tip and I'm afraid I'm not tipping enough, but also kindof want to live in my ignorance so that I don't have to start tipping more! I mean a cut/highlight is pricey as is!!!

Dolphinsbarn said...

In all the time I've been you and Mark's friend, I've never gotten a tip. Did I do something wrong?

Melanie said...

Mindy - I usually tip 20%. yikes!! But I would say the standard 15-20. I wish someone would tip me for the laundry, the dishes, the vacuuming, the tidying, the meals...
Jeff- as soon as Mark gives me a tip for all of the above mentioned, I will be sure to overnight you your well deserved tip.

Krista said...

I know! I hate,hate,hate the tipping thing, too. I even hate tipping my hairdresser (Hey- I just dropped 80 bucks on a cut & color- now I gotta shell out another $15 more for a tip? What the heck is that about?!?!) Our "doormen" in NYC probably hated me- we never even thought about tipping any of them. I think I made some cookies instead. I bet they just threw them out. lol their loss...! I was a waitress at Chili's through nursing school and I got paid $2.13/hour! On a good night, my tips would average about $10/hr. Which, looking back, was a slap in the face considering how much work it was. Even with my server experience, I still am not a great tipper. Unless they really deserve it, or when they went the extra mile, or did something not necessarily in their job description that really helped me out. I hate tipping too. One of the many reasons I wasn't too sad to leave NYC.

p.s. People still read newspapers??