Leaving On A Jetplane

Anyone seen this show?

I love it!! Nothing better than watching irrational, drunk people try to board their flights. Oh how I feel for the employees of Southwest Airlines. Does not make me want to work at an airline, ever. The best was a guy who wanted to jump onto an earlier flight and there was some sort of fare difference or something and he had to pay $1. $1. He would not do it, threatened some guy in line who said he would pay the $1, yelled at the ticket guy (who also offered to pay the $1) and had them call the cops because he felt threatened. Once there, he went off on the cop about Southwest charging him $1!! Oh alcohol, what a fickle fiend you are.

So entertaining.


Brooke said...

We love to watch this show! It makes us both very grateful that Devin just has to deal with all the computer crap and not the drunk flying idiots.

Dolphinsbarn said...

I need to watch this. Airplanes and I are bitter enemies. I may be on it before too long. :)

Mindi said...

Ooo! I can't wait to search for this show.. looks like just the thing I need these days... a good laugh! Quite entertaining I am SURE of it!!