Pile O' Nothing

This week I did something I'm not proud of....I watched the finale of The Bachelor. I don't watch The Bachelor, never have. Why I chose to watch the finale is beyond me. Well not really, there were other shows on I would have rather watched, but Mark and I usually watch them together, so I decided to wait for him to come home. Thus I was left with the Bachelor. Oh, I'm sure there was something else on, but I must have been to lazy to scroll through the TV guide.
Let's just say I won't be watching it in its next installment, even if The next Bachelorette happens to hail from the Motherland. The show hasn't even happened and the host was on Ellen today cracking Canada jokes ("yes, all of the Bachelors will speak Canadian"). Funny. Not.
It seems the only things being reported these days are the Bachelor melee, the octomom, and the economy. One of those seems worthy of reports, even though I am way beyond tired of hearing about the doom and gloom.
I have learned one thing about myself in this time of economic turmoil. I hate all things stock market related. I don't get it. I consider myself reasonably intelligent, but that could be debated I suppose. For some reason all things stock market and business...it's like staring at calculus. Only I think I have a better chance of figuring out the calculus. I don't get what makes the markets go up and down, or how simple talk of something faltering can cause a huge drop. If the market is based on speculation, why don't we all just speculate that things are getting better, mention a few specific companies and VOILA! problem solved.
Now I know, Mark is reading this having a heart attack while simultaneously shaking his head at how much of an idiot I am, but I am okay with that. I know he probably secretly wishes the market and economy would get my juices flowing like they do for him, but sorry kiddo, won't happen anytime soon. My eyes are glassing over as I type this.
One thing that has kept me going this last week is a dream I had about a pair of shoes. it was so real when I woke up I said to myself, "Those shoes will look fantastic with my green and blue dress!" I was then saddened to realize that those shoes were a dream and I did not own them. I have been on a hunt ever since, but without any luck. I did find an amazing shirt I almost bought, but alas it was a smidgen too small and they did not have another size. Darn you tomboy shaped women of the world!! I still heart you shirt and I am hoping to add you to my wardrobe in one of two ways. The first would be the easiest and hope it goes on sale and buy it - that way any feelings of guilt about not wearing it will be offset by the awesome deal I got. The second requires a bit more work on my behalf. If I can behave myself and get to the gym then that shirt will be mine!! Provided they are still selling it...fingers crossed. In this economy the first choice probably won't win out. Darn my responsible side (read - husband). Some day shirt, you will be mine. In the meantime, anyone have any suggestions for stores that sell awesome shirts affordable in this economy? Have I mentioned that MN has no sales tax on ANY clothes or shoes?? I heart that.

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