Are You a Regular Here?

Any one else inexplicably frightened by prunes? I know I have no reason to be, but for some reason they just freak me out. Even more freakish than a prune, is baby food prunes. That is something I never want to be a part of again. The weird thing though? T loved them!! Don't get me wrong, I quite enjoy plums, but prunes...not something I can just pop in my mouth and enjoy. I would need some time to psych myself for one of those puppies.
Don't know why.
Figs also freak me out.
Maybe it's the names. No other fruits freak me out, in fact the only fruit I don't enjoy eating is pears, and that's because of the texture. I've tried them a few times but it's always the same result. I just don't care for pears.
Prunes and figs though - I think it might be their names. Any one up to offer new suggestions? Maybe if we changed the names I might be able to try a prune or a fig. It could just be me, but every time I hear the word, or see a prune, all I think of is old people eating their bran muffin and drinking their prune juice to help keep them regular. Ok, so it might have just been my Grandma who did that, but still.
I'm sorry Sunsweet, but you haven't won me over with your commercials touting the all around wonderfulness of the prune - they just make me a little queasy.


Emma said...

Yeah, I'm not much for prunes either. Try bosc pears, though. They're much better than the regular bartlett or anjou pears. Best when still crisp (not too soft).

Brooke said...

Your weird. Welcome to the club.