Did Hugh Watch?

For some unknown reason, I have an inexplicable crush on Hugh Jackman. I have no idea why, since after a perusal of his work listed on www.imdb.com, I have only seen one of his movies. I have no interest in X-Men and it's offshoots, I never saw him on Broadway (although I really wanted to), but for some reason, there's just something about Hugh. Now that I think about it, I also have an inexplicable thing for Hugh Grant...maybe it's a combo of the name Hugh and a foreign accent?? I don't know, but as I fast forwarded through all the unnecessary Oscar bits last night, I made sure to watch all of Hugh's moment. I even watched the Barbara Walters special just to see Hugh. A big thanks goes out to Mark for turning the channel to Nascar and forgetting to turn it back, resulting in me missing Hugh's segment...Thanks Mark!
I even wanted to watch his much panned, short lived, CBS show Viva Laughlin, but they cancelled it after one episode. Could it have been that bad with Hugh in it??
Regardless, I heart Hugh Jackman.


Krista said...

I'm totally with ya on this one. He is my new celebrity crush, too. Inexplicable, nothing!! Between his effortless charm and then seeing him shirtless in Australia, no explanation needed! (And I am really, really sorry for you that you missed the Bawbwa Wawtews interview, because it ended with Hugh giving her a lap dance!! When she mentioned it, I thought, "a guy giving a lap dance?? hmm..." Couldn't picture it..then he did it, and all I can do is say.." um...Wow!!!" Yeah, sign me up for the Hugh fan club. (NOT Hugh Grant though, you sicko- you can have his mouth full of yellow Chiclets all to yourself...!) lol

Ming said...

I heart Hugh too! I love him. Dead sexy, so talented, so kind. Love love love him! I agree wholeheartedly and I thought he did a fantastic job on the Oscars!

The Landermans said...

It has to be the accent. Hugh's not bad, but I'm more of a Simon Baker girl myself.

Rhonda said...

It is good to hear from you! Congrats on the baby girl. I clicked back a few pages and found a pic of her- she is a cutie! How is motherhood treating you? Where you are guys living now? I hope all is going well!