You Go Right Ahead, I'll Meet You In The Car

Tonight Mark asked me if I would bungee jump off of this, the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland, for $1,000,000. My answer is an unwavering NO. Not for a million dollars cash, a million dollars in shoes, not even for a million pairs of shoes.
There is no chance on God's green earth that I would jump off anything higher than a normal height stair. I'm pretty sure it would take plenty of coaxing...and the promise of many pairs of shoes...just to get me to walk across this dam.
Yet another reason why you won't see me as a contestant on any installment of The Amazing Race. I am happy it's back on for my entertainment though, and to read the awesome recaps on EW.


Brooke said...

This is the first time I actually had butterflies for the person doing the task! I was literally freakin' out a bit! So glad it's back!!

Erin said...

amen. And wouldnt you hit it?

Jen Richards said...

Mel... i would NEVER jump off that either (I would have to be dead- in a bodybag or something). So are you excited for LOST tonight? I miss talking about with you at work. I LOVE it this season.

Alisha and Dave said...

I'd probably do it for that amount of cash just not off that. My biggest concern wouldn't be the height; it would be the cement wall I'd smash into.

Anonymous said...

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