An Open Letter

Dear Abby,
I am writing this to express my disbelief, anger, frustration, and utter loss of words.
I have tried for many hours and days to figure out just why you do this, but have come up empty handed. Is it a brain dysfunction? A lack of consideration? A night filled with boozing it up? Or perhaps you're just a pure and simple idiot. I am willing to wager on the latter.
There is NO good reason, no circumstance so dire, that a telephone call must be placed at 3:00AM or 4:00 AM, or at any hour after 10:30PM. None. You will never convince me. I have even told my Mother repeatedly, "Do not call me if someone is hurt, dies or has a child between the hours of 11:00PM and 6:00AM." Yes, that might sound cruel, but what am I going to do? I don't live in any form of close proximity to my family (immediate or extended), so at 2:00AM, all I can do is lose sleep, cry or be angry. I am of no good. Call me at 6:00AM when my brain will be functioning properly and if I have to leave I can either get a flight relatively soon ,or I can hop in my car and drive.
Even worse than an early morning phone call informing you of the birth of your new twin nieces, is the wrong number/drunk/stoned person calling. Those people called us twice in the last 4 days. Actually there were 3 calls; The first call I couldn't get to fast enough, so they called right back, sending a text to land line (you can do that?). My biggest problem with this call was that the person was calling back because they didn't recognize our number when we had called earlier and left this person a VOICEMAIL. Here's a thought - instead of calling someone back at 3:00AM to ask "this number called my cell, who is this?", why not check the voicemail that was left?!! Novel idea, I know. The third call was last night on the cell phone. Nothing better than the T-mobile jingle in your ear at 4:00AM. Idiot with a wrong number. Just who are you calling at 4:00AM anyway?
I realize I am probably over reacting, but it bugs me to no end!! One time we had a guy call, obviously drunker than a skunk who insisted on a conversation - even inviting us to come hang out with him (um, no thanks!)...he would not get off the phone. We hung up, and he called back! Idiot. In the hours of daylight and a few hours or so to ponder, I know in the scheme of things there are many worse things to experience...but at this time in my life, I love sleep and I love every minute that I can get. So when that is disrupted, I wind up going out to the couch because I am so angry that I can't sleep (and nothing is on TV at that time), only to have the wee one wake up an hour later. Not a good day in this household!!
On top of the annoyance, these situations can be more serious. Okay, so no one will be killed or maimed, but injuries could be sustained. A sleep deprived, glasses-less woman running from the bedroom to the kitchen in the pitch dark is the perfect set-up for an accident!
So if you're ever thinking of calling us, or anyone, beyond the hour of 10:30...think twice before you press send. Maybe I'm just old, but usually I'm not up for chit chat at 3:00AM.
Would you give your good readers a little refresher in consideration and good manners for me?

Thanks for listening,
Don't Call Me Past 10:30 CST.


Krista said...

It sounds like maybe you need to put the phone on silent at night and turn off the ringer on the land line? I agree- don't call in the middle of the night to tell good OR bad news...it can wait until morning.

Alisha and Dave said...

I concur. made a lot of sense. I've had similar but extremely odd phone calls in the middle of the day. I shall post it on my blog because it's too long for here.