The Song that Never Ends

It's time to put this argument to bed, even though I know it will continue just like the Shari Lewis and Lambchop song...forever.
We all know I love shoes, and for the updated record, I now have 51 pairs of shoes. That includes everything that goes on my feet and is worn outside. Yes, that's quite a few pairs, but if I wear them all (at some point in the year, not all at once), they're not being wasted. Last June I had 37 pairs...that's a good increase in my book.
But here's a question; if someone continually pesters you about the number of shoes you own, should that person buy you two new pairs for Christmas? He's the one who photo-catalogued my shoes, printed out copies, glued them to their boxes and organized them in my closet, not me. He, who shall remain nameless, has 20 pairs of his own shoes AND about 45 dress shirts.
So yes, 51 pairs of shoes, and counting. I am sure that number will grow as the year has just begun and DSW will surely send more coupons, have more clearance items and have new shoes arriving weekly. Although I doubt they will have any chocolate shoes like the ones pictured above - how awesome are those?? So the only question that remains is WHEN will 51 turn to 52? My guess is sometime this month if we look at my track record over the last year and a half!!


Krista said...

Wow! That is a lot of shoes. I'm a little jealous. #1 Marshall refuses to own more than 2 pairs of shoes at a time (yes, you heard me right-TWO. One brown pair of dress shoes and one black pair. Well, he does have a pair of sneakers, so I guess that brings the tally up to 3.)So no fun shoe shopping for him. #2 I love your taste in shoes, but I am too chicken to wear anything more exciting than a pair of black hooker boots. (lol shut up, you know what I mean!) I wish I could be more adventurous with my shoe wardrobe. Maybe it's because I am pretty concerned with comfort, and that limits my selection quite a bit? Maybe it's because I have never set foot into a DSW...maybe that would be all the motivation I would need to leave comfort behind and join the ranks of style? We need to go shoe shopping together sometime and you could help me expand my horizons a bit. Nice of Mark to enable you in your addiction. I love it!

BreAnna said...

Ok, I just deleted your email address before sending you the invite to the blog, can you email me again (sorry) so I can get you an invite

Brooke said...

Mel, I think you need to get some help righ away!! J/K I love shoes too,but I don't have anywhere close to 51! I guess it's because I get sick of them to fast. I think you should start looking for number 52 right away!! Have fun shopping.

Ming said...

Impressive. That's a lot of shoes! I mean I love shoes...but I definitely don't have that many. Nachelle does though! Well, maybe a few shy of your collection since Izzy keeps eating them! :)