Brain Swirls

Here are a few of today's ponderances:
  • why does chocolate pudding get watery? No other kind of pudding seems to do that.
  • how annoying is this commercial? Extremely - I turn the channel every time it comes on.
  • why is it so hard to wait a week for new Lost episodes?
  • why is my babe so intoxicated by the sound of Whoopi Goldberg's voice?
  • Seriously?
  • How did they find out about my secret life?
  • think these will go on sale anytime soon?
  • is there anything better than free shipping AND a $20 off coupon for DSW? I'm thinking no.
  • why are Charmin commercials SO annoying? I turn the channel when these come on too. And really, does anyone ever get TP chunks stuck all over their butt cheeks? If they do, maybe they need a reminder of what exactly needs to be wiped... and why do we need to have extra strong TP - what are these bears wiping??
  • how exciting is this? I've got my DVR ready to go!!
  • maybe Mondays aren't really that bad after all!

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