Celebrity Redefined

Merriam-Webster.com defines celebrity as:
  • 1 : the state of being celebrated : fame
  • 2 : a famous or celebrated person
Dictionary.com defines it as:
  • 1. a widely known person; "he was a baseball celebrity"
  • 2. the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed
NBC.com defines it as:
  • Khloe Kardashian:Who? Oh, the girl who is sisters with the girl who made a sex tape. Thanks Soup for keeping me in the celeb know-who.
  • Brande Roderick: Who? Apparently some sort of "model."
  • Joan Rivers: Is she still alive? Apparently. I guess now that she got the red carpet boot, she has a lot of free time on her hands.
  • Melissa Rivers: Gotta love being famous because of your Mommy.
  • Herschel Walker: I know he's a sports guy, but I couldn't tell you the specifics.
  • Brian McKnight: Singer. Right? When was his last hit?
  • Scott Hamilton: Figure skater. When did he skate last?
  • Natalie Gulbis: Who? No idea. Oh, some sort of golfer.
  • Annie Duke: Poker player - this I know. Thanks to obscene amounts of channels devoted to airing poker tournaments.
  • Dennis Rodman: Hasn't his home planet recalled him yet?
  • Andrew Dice Clay: Seriously?
  • Tom Green: Come on, Seriously??
  • Jesse James: Isn't he dead? Oh, Sandra Bullock's husband. What does he do anyway?
  • Clint Black: Country singer...couldn't name a single song he sings.
  • Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins: From the group TLC - are they still together?
  • Claudia Jordan: Who?? Ah, a game show model.
A special thanks to Google, Wikipedia and The Soup in helping discover who these people are. With this knowledge in hand, I still won't be watching the newest installment of Celebrity Apprentice. Donald probably thinks he's a celebrity too, right?
Does anyone think any of the above listed people are "celebrities"? What is a celebrity today? Do you just need 15 minutes in the spotlight? How come it's not cool to just gracefully exit the spotlight and have a fulfilling life instead of whoring yourself out in any way possible? While I may not agree that the above folks are all celebrities, most of them have had some contribution (level of importance is debatable), but the most glaring issue I have is with Ms. Kardashian. What in the world makes you, and NBC for that matter, think you're a celebrity?
Will anyone even be watching this show? Will you admit it??

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Brooke said...

I'll admit it. I'm a die-hard Apprentice fan. Which is weird, because I CAN'T STAND The Donald. Oh, and I like Clint Black.