I am mentally planning a fabulous vacation for next year.  At this point, all I know is that I am going.  Mark can tag along if he wants, but I am definitely going.  I just don't know where.  Right now a relaxing, lazy vacation sounds heavenly, but come next August-November, I may be back to some what of a normal life and may feel like running all around some great city checking everything out.  
I can't decide where I (we) should go:  back to Paris (LOVE it there!), another beach resort (went to Aruba a few years back), a cruise (this time Northern Europe), or somewhere totally new?  
Help!!  What are your favourite vacation spots; relaxing or exploring.  Just keep in mind I am not a camping, run around in the jungle type person.  So a hike in the Amazon is probably not somewhere I want to go!
There are just too many places to randomly type into www.kayak.com to see how much airfare costs!  Throw some ideas out there for me of places I must go before I die, or go years and years without another vacation!


Kyndra said...

We just got back from Kauai and loved it, and I love Maui too. I don't suggest St Martin - that is my least favorite beach vacation we have taken. My favorite trip in the world though is Italy. Rent a car and drive along the Amalfi coast. Rome is my favorite city in the world. Go to Capri, my favorite island in the world (hence my child's name). Another fun trip could be to see the castles in Bavaria. I love that too!

Alisha and Dave said...

I've been to a few far places that I absolutely loved... Australia. Although if you are looking for something a bit closer or at least not the other side of the world, I did go to St.Kitts - absolutely gorgeous. It was unbelievable!