A Day in the Life

It seems as we get older birthdays just don't seem as exciting as they did when we were little.  That's kind of sad, but I guess if we ran around telling strangers "it's my birthday today!" people might think we were a little off.
Well, yesterday was Mark's birthday and he never tells anyone.  So we decided that we would let people know instead!  Off to the balloon store we went!
We got a bunch of helium balloons, drove to the train station and tied some on his car.  When we got home we tied one more to the mailbox.  And of course we had the rest tied to the birthday chair.
He told us when he got off the train, everyone who walked by asked if it was his birthday and all wished him Happy Birthday!  Mission Accomplished.
I think, even though we're now "old", he had a good birthday.  Workers took him out to lunch, then he played hooky and went to a movie, came home, went out for steaks, back home for presents and cake.  I realized as I made the cake, that it was almost identical to the cake I made him last year, but I suppose when all you want is a yellow cake with chocolate frosting...they are bound to be similar! Then he capped the night off watching the Vikings lose...I guess you can't have everything.
Hope you had a great day!  We love you!

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