OK, this goes out to anyone who has ever cooked before.  I need some assistance.
Dinner time around here has been less than exciting ever since July.  With the exception of a week of meals being brought into us, of course.  Once on my own though...a completely different story.  
Last week, I even planned out an entire week's worth of dinners, AND bought the necessary ingredients!!
Sadly, none of those meals were ever made thanks to a certain cranky pants.  
So, I need some ideas for dinners that take 30 minutes MAX!  Some days 30 minutes of hands free time is pushing it.  Or some fabulous crock pot ideas that I can throw together in the morning and not touch again until dinner time.
I would be tickled pink if I could get a decent dinner made one night that wasn't bought at Costco (don't get me wrong, I love dinners bought at Costco, the orange chicken and Mongolian beef dinners are great!).  I would be even more tickled pink if I could get an hour of hands free happy time from this kid, but we are working on that!
Thanks for your help!


Corinne said...

Realsimple.com. It's my go-to website for fast, easy meals.

Krista said...

I know you already have my 30 Easy Dinners recipes I made for that Enrichment I gave. It has tons of Crock Pot ideas. Let me know if you want another copy. I also have a little book I got called 100 things to make in a Slow Cooker. It has lots of good ones too. Good luck!

Andrea said...

Sorry, late reading this but hopefully you get comments sent right to your e-mail. Here is a list of my favourite slowcooker recipes that I posted on my blog a long time ago: http://chickadoodle.blogspot.com/2006/01/slow-cooker-recipes.html