Online vs In Store

This year, it's been a little harder to go Christmas shopping.  Gone are the days of strolling through stores looking for ideas, best prices, awesome steals.  No more wandering around for perfect decorations, matching stockings, and all things Christmas decor.  It's been replaced by online browsing, comparing and buying.
I'm not sure what I enjoy more.  Online shopping is definitely more convenient; I can do it in my pjs, while kids are sleeping, playing, screaming.  I can also check out store after store for the best price, all with a few clicks and keystrokes.   But there is just something about wandering the store, hearing the Christmas music, checking everything out.  I miss it!
I am a big Christmas fan, but this online shopping is sure putting the kibosh on holiday joy!  Granted, it is fun to have parcels arrive on your doorstep, it's just not the same.
Maybe the batch of Nanimo Bars I am going to make tonight will make me feel better!

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Grandma Smith said...

I know if I had some Nanimo Bars to enjoy I would feel better. I have to agree with you on the shopping thing. Traipsing in the snow is a must in my book. I just can't get into Christmas without snow.