What To-Do?

I began a to-do list the other day. I know, not very exciting or cutting edge, but I figured it might help us get some things done before the last minute (I won't hold my breath for that happening, but I can try, right?). This list includes everything from grocery shopping, to bill paying, to deck building, to painting the boy's room, to whatever random thing enters my mind that day that needs to be done. I'm not sure an ongoing to-do list is the way to go. So far the list has gotten longer and only two things have been accomplished (a bill pay and a phone call).
I thought having this to-do list would help me actually make some decisions for the child...no such luck. For whatever reason I can not decide on paint colours or cribbing and I have no motivation to have the inevitable fight over what name will be chosen.
It doesn't help when bedding sets for infants cost anywhere up to $2000 (what???), I have no inspiration this time around, no one fabric to base colours on and no help with painting and sewing. This kid won't mind sleeping in a laundry basket in our room, will he? If I could only make one of those decisions, like what colour to paint the room, at least I would be able to narrow the bedding search down, or vice versa, but I can't!! I did see one set I liked but it was almost $200 and I am not sure I can justify spending that much when I don't even spend that much on bedding for me! And let's not get started on prices of kids shoes...seriously??
So after all my hopes of being organized on and top of things over the next few months, this to-do list creating has only made me more overwhelmed. I might need some reinforcements.
Anyone who knows any stores or websites with cute, not so baby like, bedding options that won't send me into debt, please share!

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