Waiting Room

Today was my monthly Doctor's appointment.  I know, you all wanted to know that, you're welcome.
Anyway.  I thought about a few things while I was there and thought I would share them with you.  You're welcome again.

  1. What is it about that paper sheet?  Why does it give so much security?  Do you not realize what it going to happen next?  You would think given what is about to happen, that sitting there without the see-through paper sheet wouldn't make a huge difference...but for whatever reason, it does.
  2. Who is more uncomfortable, the patient on the "table" or the nurse that just gets to stand by and witness the exam?  Should a conversation be started or does that make it even more awkward?  It's a wee bit more awkward when it's not your Doctor's regular nurse, but really...you know they've got to love that part of the job...exam witnesser!
  3. Why does anyone really care if Kate Gosselin is on another reality TV show? (People was the only magazine in the room).
  4. The weigh-in is probably the worst part of the exam.  Seriously.
  5. Getting a shot in the butt is the most awkward thing.  Even more than being the exam witnesser.  It's awesome having your pants pulled down around your butt, half leaning over a table.
  6. Looking forward to bi-weekly exams now...they're coming.  That means the end is nearing.
  7. I don't care what Mark says, Mr. Roboto is truly an awesome song and I will love it until the day I die.


Ming said...

This post made me laugh. 1st thought, you have a witnessing nurse? Como? For my exams it's just me and the doc..no awkward witness. Weird. 2nd, why do you have to get a shot in the butt? Sounds horrible. And finally, Mr. Roboto is awesome.

Krista said...

Exactly how long are you spread eagle on the table?? lol If it really is long enough to start a conversation, we gotta talk about this doctor of yours! jk (I haven't even had a pelvic exam yet, and I am 34 weeks-do they make you get them every time? Yikes!) Poor girl. I agree- I totally dread the weigh-in. It is SO depressing. I have now approached Marshall's weight, and am dreading tomorrow's appt. to likely find out that I have now surpassed him. Great. Well, at least you got the Rhogam out of the way, and welcome to the bi-weekly appts. Are they really necessary though? I was seriously considering cancelling mine because all I do is get on the scale and pee in a cup, and ask the Dr. any questions if ever I have any. It feels like such a waste of his and my time! At least you got to read some People though!

Meg said...

This post totally cracked me up!! SO FUNNY!!