Hungry Hungry Hippos

Wow.  With everyone posting pictures of their pregnant bellies, I am beginning to feel the pressure.  I am not usually one to cave into peer pressure, but this time I feel I need to - if only to show the others that they are indeed not huge!  I guess the second time around, you just don't feel like documenting it like you did the first time.  Not that I was a picture by the week sort of girl, but we did have a few pictures for evidence that I really was pregnant.  This time, the last thing I want is a picture of me pregnant.  And given that by the time Mark gets home from work, there is a good chance I am either still in, or changed into, pj pants...there are not a lot of picture taking opportunities!
But I will take one for the team...take a picture and post it up here for all the world to see.  Too bad I can't do a belly side by side with Mark this time around since he has no belly to speak of anymore. (Who goes on a diet with a pregnant wife anyway??)
So since I am actually dressed and presentable on Sundays I thought today would be the perfect day.  I never ask Mark to take my picture (I am not such a willing participant) but I figured it would be best to get it over with.  I hate pictures.  I always feel so posed, cheesy and fake.  But oh well.  I'll swallow my pride and post pictures to assure the world that yes, hippopotamuses do live on land.

Tennyson's attempt at a picture of me this morning

More of a close up so anyone who is interested can check out the new 'do

Not sure if a dress makes you look smaller or bigger...

not that it really matters
This one's just funny because Mark took the picture after I started to move my hands from the "look how big my belly looks when I hold my dress" pose, but instead it just looks like I have to pee...which is probably true anyway.
So there you have it, pregnancy in all of it's glory.  Now the Boy will know I was pregnant with him and won't hate me entirely for not taking as many pictures (not that we actually took a lot with T either).  We'll try to make up for it once he arrives.


Emma said...

1. I love the haircut.
2. You look adorable.
3. But I totally understand. I could have written this post pretty much word for word, PJ pants, unwilling participant, and not feeling the need to have any pictures of me pregnant this time around all included with especial fervor.

Krista said...

Perhaps he won't hate you as much for not taking enough pictures as he might for calling him "the boy..." jk lol

Krista said...

p.s. Ditto on you looking adorable, and the haircut. And I beg your pardon on the Hippo comment? If you are evidence of Hippos, I suppose about the only thing larger is a whale- and so that would be me. Who cares? Own it, baby! You are only prego for a tiny fraction of your life- you should feel proud of your body! I think you look really good.

Trisha Martin said...

I think you look GREAT!! I love the hair too:) Can't wait for "the boy" to make his appearance. I'm pretty convinced that whatever his father names him, "the boy" will probably still sound better:)

Granum Family said...

You look great!

Ming said...

I feel like I may have been one of those peer pressurers (I don't think that's a word) but it was unintentional if I was. However, it is fun to see you prego since we're due right around the same time. I always try to do the prego pics on Sunday after church too since that's the only day I'm not in my sweats. You look great! I love the haircut & yes, my dress was Liberty of London. Your dress is cute too!

Erin said...

lol. I love it. I was always in sweat pants and unshowered when prego. Even on Sundays. So I really had a hard time getting pics. And I totally hate getting pics taken too. I can't smile because my mouth starts to twitch from fakeness. it's so awkward! BUT, you look darling, and the hair is very cute. Oh, and your mouth isn't mid twitch, so good job!