Life Bulleted

  • Las Vegas is not for a pregnant lady with gestational diabetes
  • Life will go smoothly until you return home; then child reverts to poor sleeping habits and crankiness
  • Mini eggs are even more tempting after Easter, when they are on sale and a diabetic no-no; so are creme eggs
  • Apparently corona (or any other alcohol) is an acceptable form of breakfast in Las Vegas
  • Preparing for the vacation always takes longer than adjusting back to regular life
  • Even though it feels like your belly can not get any bigger... it always finds a way to surprise you, making you feel even more hippo-tastic
  • Three days of 80 degree weather have quenched any desire for a warm summer. Please keep it to the 70's and everyone around me will be better off
  • Outlet shopping is never as fun when you are pregnant
  • May 23 can't come soon enough, yet at the same time I don't want it to ever come
  • Hiring a personal grocery shopper might not be a bad idea
  • Chocolate cheerios and fresh raspberries are awesome for breakfast or any time of day
  • GD I rue the fact that I must live with you and not enjoy chocolate milk, ice cream, key lime pie and all other forms of sugary goodness (chocolate cheerios and raspberries included)


Trisha Martin said...

So what is happening on May 23rd? Also...mini eggs are hard to turn down any day, any time:) Thanks keeping me entertained while you were here. I miss you already:)

Krista said...

May 23rd?? Yeah, I would agree with the Vegas not being for pregos. If not for your sun aversion, we could have spent the entire time relaxing by the pool, and it would've been fine by me! Sorry it wasn't more fun. Maybe next time the circumstances will be better!